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8Th Annual Mac Run ( Zacks VTwin)

The Cruisers gathering

Our Buddy by his bike!

His Bike & Babe on the rode!    

Dan and his Babe! ( hehe)

On their Bike, leading a pack!     


HEY! Hold still, I'm triing to drive and take a picture!

I love this shit!

Ok, would the bike with the beer please come up?

Line up for the show

The Cruisers waiting for a accident to clear out on 9 ( 1/2 hr. in the blazing heat, 3 car pile up)

After further investigation , we found out the cause of this accident, here is a picture of the distraction on the highway that lead to the accident!

See below!

Don't you just hate when these people break down and don't get off the hyway?

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